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technology to meet strict criteria for fuel consumption, noise radiations and exhaust emissions. All of the engines, for example, are fitted with an SCR catalytic converter, which employs urea injection to minimise emissions of oxides of nitrogen.

Technologie apte à respecter les normes de combustion du fioul, les nuisances sonores, et d'émissions. Tous les moteurs sont notamment équipés par des Systèmes Catalytiques de Réduction, et font appel à l'injection d'urée pour réduire les oxydes d'azotes.

C'est ça 10 fois plus propre que le vazzio actuel?

C'est tout aussi polluant!

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Press release about for diesel plants ordered by EDF PEI France

Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 06:25:40 +0200 (CEST)



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Subject: Press release about for diesel plants ordered by EDF PEI France  




ARIA LINDA is a pressure group from Corsica very interrested with your récent press release about the order from EDF PEI SAS for diesel plants.

As local EDF/PEI director in Corsica says they are, would you please ask your Chairman if the diesel engines are realy able to use heavy fuel or natural gaz?

The answers is expected by several people living in Corsica, where two of the plants have to be used.

Best regards